Cupcakes for Life

Cupcakes for Life is a once a year event in October where we get a chance to celebrate the birthdays of every child who is never allowed to have a Birthday. We celebrate people in our community who do not have family or friends, who have no home or no one to visit them. We think these people’s lives should be remembered so we picked a day during Respect Life month to recognize them and raise awareness about the issues of abortion, homelessness, the elderly, and mental health and the impact these issues have on our community.

We make as many cupcakes as we can and hand them out after Mass in celebration of all life no matter the circumstance.

October 2018

2 hours, 10 teens, 500 cupcakes

cupcake oct 2018_25


May 2017

3 hours, 5 teens, 311 cupcakes

cupcakes 2017.11